What we do

our process

We bring lives that are overlooked by the world together to give them the life they deserve.

The One Stage For All mainly provides support, skill development, specialized education, donations and resources to Down Syndrome & Autism families, healthcare providers, educators and other community service organizations.

Our foundation also provides Environmental community service projects, animal rescue projects and donation projects specially for schools in rural areas in Sri lanka.  

Register for Down Syndrome & Autistic Children

This register is all about the children born with special abilities & was started since 2020. Our goal is to maintain a national register of these special souls.

Parents Unit

The only unit specially curated for parents dedicating, appreciating and encouraging the real hero’s who gave birth to these special children with extraordinary abilities.

Events & Workshops

Our events and workshops are quite special and unique in its own style. It’s all about loving, accepting, adapting, believing and enjoying the little details. Stay connected with us to know more about our latest events and workshops a we announce them on all digital media platforms.

Activity Hub

Our activity hub is located in colombo 08 and we are in the process of building our headquarters which will soon launch classes to further improve the skills of these special trisomy members.

Inspiring Stories

Each of these stories are unique and lived only by one as every story differs from one to another. Sometimes it feels so unreal but here is the best place to see and notice the unseen.

Members Diary

Our members are our biggest assets as they are our pride, our strength, our hope and everything which made us to come this far in our journey of giving life to a life.

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We are more than happy to assist you and we would love to get connected with you. We are here everyday and we will get in touch with you to the earliest possible.