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We are turning 3 !

“I’m speechless! I’m beyond grateful to each and everyone who was with me ever since I came up with this idea back then as a schoolgirl and to now have over 2000 memberships out there means a world and more to me!
Each and everyone of you mean a world to me! I’m so blessed to be working with you all and I’m so excited to see some new faces in the upcoming months. This new membership calling will give the opportunity for the youngsters to be a part of the largest volunteer network in South Asia.
Very grateful to my parents, my friends, colleagues, everyone who said I’m not gonna make it, everyone who said I’m with you and more than anyone to my beloved trisomy community 🤍
It’s been a massive rollercoaster ride but every minute was worth it. It took us to places we would have never imagine of witnessing and lived experiences better that miracles…”
Sending love,

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