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Keep spreading the word and let’s save many as we can

Few weeks back we started a project with a different perspective of giving life to a life. Our goal was to save a cattle from a slaughter. We made the post and tried to spread the word around. While little by little donations were being collected a lot more things happened behind the scenes. It wasn’t easy.
We had to find a slaughter who allows us in, visit the slaughter and to convince them to sell this cattle to us without killing it for meat. We had to find a new home for her and we also had to find a family. While the search was on we came across one of our well wishes who happened to know a man who takes care of cows in that neighborhood. His name is ‘සුසා’(Susa) he’s a man with a big heart and lives in Panagoda. He takes good care if others cows just cause he was never able to get one for his own to call his family. He wasn’t rich enough. But just like how we think of our dream car or anything at all his only dream was to have his own cattle and a baby. His dream came true right when we approached him asking whether he’d take the responsibility of taking care of our darling. He agreed so we visited his home, checked out everything and confirmed the handing over to the new family.
By the time we were able to collect a little more than what we needed to save one cattle so we decided to save two and to try collecting more donations. Day by day when the word was being spread our own community donated what ever they had. With this kindness at the end we were able to save 3 lives yesterday, 10th of July 2021 💙
We thank you all for the immense support given in every form. Your status, story, share, efforts and donations made it happened. A massive thank you to our patron, @kasun_seneviratne, Ms.Deepthi Dodangoda, Mrs.Nimali and Mrs.Kokila Arandara for all the strength you gave. Because of you all they will live a life until their natural death 🙏🏽
We will be releasing another cattle next month and if you are willing to donate and support this project feel free to reach us. Keep spreading the word and let’s save many as we can 💙

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