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Excited to make this big circle after good long break!

We’ve been through so much during through so much during the past two years and even amidst it all we managed to continue our work as one big family. We had to postpone all our major events, our members and their loved one’s tested positive for Covid time to time, our sponsors fell off and it was a truly tough time.
We were hopeful and we came up with solid plans while postponing all the events until things settle down. We consider the year 2022 as the year of ‘Life’ and we are happy to inform you all that we will be having a special event on the 30th of January 2022 together with @kfcsl at the Sanctuary Lodge Kaduwela.
This event is strictly for 25 kids only due to the Covid situation and current restrictions. Only 25 members were invited as we cannot take the risk by inviting you all but we wanted you to know that we will miss you and we will keep posting updated for you.
We’ve planned many activities for the day and most importantly we will be launching something very special. Stay tuned with us to hear more updates

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